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Can anyone tell me about the straight talk cell phones at walmart as far as taxes and extra fees?

Can anyone tell me about the straight talk cell phones at walmart as far as taxes and extra fees?

I want to switch from at&t because I reckon I will save a ton of money…but I am wondering how much the taxes and other fees are or if they have any? does anyone have straight phone and know about the taxes ?(either on the $ 30 plot or $ 45,prepaid or automatically from your account..)
just trying to get an thought of the exact total amounts…also on the $ 45 plot to you get free web access or do you pay extra..


Answer by Adell
The tax is what ever the state/county tax in your area is like when you buy anything else :)

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air service
straight talk cell phones

Image by Sidereal
I have a nail in my rear right tire. That’s terrible. But it’s ok if I place air in the tire each three or four days. I’ll get around to having it serviced real soon.

I need to visit the coin-operated air gizmo at the nearby "service station" ha ha, often. Access to the air pump is usually unimpeded, but sometimes there’s someone in front of me paying for the same.

This person tried very hard to place air in her tire with one hand while eating a hot dog. It was incredible to watch. I’m sorry I don’t have a photo of that part.

(I’m pretty savvy about automobile maintenance, and I have some advice for you: putting air in their tire with this sort of mechanism really needs two hands.You need to use one hand to secure the air hose on your tire valve and the other hand to use the air release handle, which is a excellent six rubbery inches from the delivery thingy. You sort of hold the whole apparatus straight as best you can and deliver the air to the tire through the valve, and you periodically observe the pressure indicated by the small wankus that pokes out.)

This person made a valiant attempt at jamming the air hose onto the tire valve, adding air, and observing the resultant pressure by one hand while eating a hot dog.

The fact that the waggling of the hose caused the tire to decrease in pressure instead of inflating it was lost on this person. Repeated attempts to inflate the tire by the like peas in a pod methodology (with one hand while eating a hot dog) proved fruitless. The excellent news is, the hot dog continued to be consumed by the other hand in a hot-dog-eating successful style.

I thought that this drama would wrap itself up in the usual style, in anticipation of…her NexTel Walkie Talkie Phone bleated.

*chirp* *chirp* HAZZ#B#DONNAWA&#$ *chirp*

She froze.

One hand: Air Hose.
Other Hand: Hot Dog.

I am telltale you right: She tried to do all three, she really did. My heart is out to this woman. Bent over in an awkward position eating a hot dog and administering air pressure to her SUV tire, she answered her phone. Or tried to.

She cupped the hot dog in the crook of her shoulder and neck.

Then she pulled the phone out of her jacket and held it up to her head.

Still trying to administer air pressure to her tire with the gizmo. One-handed.

She and I both learned that if you have one thing bent in your shoulder, you cannot add another thing bent in your shoulder, because of some Newtonian Limit or something, you can only have one Crook. Something that I have never considered.

She froze again.

And she made a command pronouncement.

It’s not the pronouncement I would have made. There was only one bite left of the hot dog.

And yet, in an exemplary show of fortitude…she cast the hot dog aside, throwing it onto the ground underneath her vehicle.

I never saw that coming.

She squawked on her NexTel, and the air generator ran out of time; she left the hose on the ground while talking on her phone (I presume that it was someone vital) and she got in her car and she drove away.

I will never know her tire pressure.

I now have AT&T wireless and have about 100 contacts on my Samsung Eternity.I’m thinking of trying the Straight Talk plot sold at walmart. I know those phones have no SIM card. Is there an simple way to copy all my contacts over without having to manually enter them?

Answer by Icebery
check at seats that sell cell phones or try an AT&T wireless store and question if they can transfer your contacts from one phone to another, there should be a house that will do it for you and at no cost

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Htc Touch Pro 2 T7373 Unlocked GSM Smartphone International Version / Qwerty Keyboard / Touchscreen / 3.5g Quadband

  • 3+ Megapixel Camera, A2DP, Bluetooth, Calendar, Camera
  • Edge, Email Client, GPS / House, High-Speed Data GPRS
  • Memory Card Slot, MP3, Qwerty Keyboard, Smartphone, Speaker Phone, Touch Screen, Video Capture, Video Clip, Wi-Fi
  • Windows Mobile for Smartphones
  • 3G EURO Standard, Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900

Business success depends on human interaction. You can often get more done with a quick phone call or a face to face assembly than you can in strings of emails. So why do all business phones seem to ignore the importance of calls? The Touch Pro2 treats your calls with as much care and attention as your messages.

Straight TalkTM
HTC’s Straight Talk makes communication more natural, intuitive and effective. It is a way to seamlessly transit from email to a single or multi-party calls as well as a

List Price: $ 999.99

Price: $ 212.50

This pretty much clarifies why I like this new phone plot available at Walmart. Super quality on the Verizon network but at very affordable rates.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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